v&c WEB / Platform

v&c WEB is developing its own innovative REST web platform to deliver reliable, secure and distributed web solutions at affordable prices.

Software packages are often unnecessary complex and lack reliability because of it. This stands in the way of their real purpose: to serve its users effectively and efficiently.

v&c WEB / Platform aims for simplicity and has model driven development at its heart. It applies REST on its external and internal interfaces.

Phase 1 delivered a platform able to deliver simple services. v&c WEB is currently implementing phase 2 consisting of a major upgrade and enable it to deliver a wider variety of web solutions. v&c WEB sees the delivery of the platform as an iterative process, continuously driven by internal R&D.

Phase 1 of the platform has been in production for a year and is powering an increasing number of websites.

Interested to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us: info@vcweb.co.